MULTIPLE PHOTOS OF THE SAME SPECIES. Note that if you put multiple views of the same plant in more than one post, comments get spread around and the discussion gets fragmented. Better idea is to choose your best photo of the plant to head a post. Then, if you want to add other views,  post them under the header photo in a comment box. That will keep photos and comments together.  *****
Please join in the discussions.  It's up to YOU to be proactive about your favorite topics.
NOTE: IF you aren't sure of a name or a familiar common name, write UNKNOWN in your photo HEADERs. You can also put in as much info as you are sure of such as the genus name plus UNKNOWN SP. When we have a flurry of posts in the index on the right they WILL push your post down the list fast. Your photos are almost impossible to find (except on your own page) after they run off the bottom without a uniform searchable title. Additional pix of the leaves, flowers and whole plant are often needed for an ID without an actual plant in hand (most botanists prefer not to guess without a sample of a difficult ID! It can be embarrassing - trust me! ) Once I or one of my experts approve a name, then please delete all but 2 or 3 of the best photos and revise the caption. If you do not hear from me in a reasonable  time just go to your photo or thread and repost it by commenting. Sometimes it takes a while to get an answer.

TAGS! What for? Help for searches. Add words someone might want to know that are not in the caption or description that can be helpful in a search. No spaces if you want the search to cover more than one word. e.g. Use an underline if you want to join a genus with a particular species. Use the location box for where the plant was photographed. Helps us understand the conditions where it grows.

Blogs are reserved for articles  and need my approval before they will appear. (This is primarily just to keep the site organized.) but if anyone enjoys writing about plants or their trip to Borneo, bring it on!


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The way to have this site work for you is to contribute photos and topics that interest YOU. I am very gratified to those of you who jump right in with pictures, posts or questions!

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Tecoma stans, May 2014

Recently transplanted from a shady spot, were it was not performing well, into the sun. First it dropped all its leaves, looked dead, but now it is blooming full time. Loses some flowers after a rain but more are always opening every day. A variable species from a diversity of habitats in Latin America.

About this site

This website is intended to help the gardener, hobbyist, trade, horticulturist and botanist share information about tropical flowering plants with an emphasis on tracking down accurate IDs as in my book: "Tropical Flowering Plants, A Guide to Identification and Cultivation". Print publications are limited by the high cost of printing color photos. On the web there are few restrictions and the information can be updated as needed. The beauty of the web is that it is interactive so everyone is invited to contribute plant images and info that intrigue them. We want this site to be as reliable as possible so please have an understanding the site is edited for current names and accuracy. No one can do this alone so I often call on experts in various fields as well as the sharp eyes of experienced members.

Gardens and plant societies and their members are invited to submit articles and post their up-coming events. Tropical and subtropical shrubs, trees and vines as well as palms, orchids, aroids, gingers and heliconias are welcome. Heck. we welcome discussion on all that appeals to tropiphiles including scenic views of gardens, cultivation and landscaping.
The essence of an interactive site is that members contribute to the discussion or gallery. If the topics diverge from what interests you then just introduce alternative discussions. That encourages others with similar interests to join in.

RULES: We encourage everyone to participate. All that is required is sticking to plant topics and common courtesy. We have no problem with lively, but civil, discussion. If you disagree remember even the experts can be in error sometimes! (Trust me!) And it's a big help if people LMK if (make that WHEN!) I make errors as I can't possibly know all there is to know about what gets posted here and then some! If at times I should sound curt or overbearing :<(  I probably stayed up all night "doing research" or, more likely, have sore feet from dancing salsa!)  :-) I beg forgiveness in advance.

Identification or verification can be a lot of work and involve consulting experts. So clear unmanipulated photos  are preferred.  Since I do not have the plant here in front of me, I will need photos, to the extent possible, with clear views of the unusual details, leaves, fruits as well as flowers and habit that help confirm an ID.  It helps if you add details such as photo location in the description. Information like size of the plant, climate and altitude narrow down where some plants are likely to be found. As for manipulating photos, I don't mind if you like to erase power lines and clean up things that are unaesthetic (though unnecessary), but, it IS important to keep the plants in their natural condition. For automatic settings be sure to turn off those vivid settings.  Close ups may make very cool and abstract pix but be sure to add other photos showing the whole flower, leaves and plant form.  With current digital technology, any amateur can produce fabulous photos and show enough details ito be convincingly identified. Take your time moving around for the best shot when you take the photo and you won't need to manipulate it on the computer. ;-)

Feel free to give your opinion but know we weigh all opinions. It is helpful if you supply trustworthy back up. Beware! even garden name tags are not always accurate or current! The plants offered at Big Box stores often are dressed up to make sales ("Sexy Pink" is a heliconia that can't be grown outside in SFL winters but sells by the bucket-load - why are we so gullible? :-)) and maintained by people who take no responsibility for correct plant IDs and probably have no clue if what they offer will thrive in your area. So beware. But occasionally you just MIGHT pick up something cool and cheap if you have trained your eyes OR POST A PIC HERE FOR DISCUSSION FIRST!). All nurseries are NOT created equal. We all have horror stories about vendors with snazzy webpages but disappointing cultural and sales tactics so we appreciate learning about awesome nurseries you find knowledgeable and trustworthy. We work hard not to perpetuate errors in the manner of certain websites where a majority of guesses determines an ID. That is not the scientific way. We welcome references to worthy back up information and trustworthy botanical web sites and experts.

My comments are meant to enlighten all who go here. I am not always able to determine who is a graduate botanist and who an enthusiastic new gardener. If you are a specialist in a particular field please let us know when you post. I will be happy to help anyone with rules of naming plants (nomenclature). It's easy. Capitalization and punctuation reveal important bits of information (see forum for discussion). Spelling counts when doing an on-line search. Even common names are often helpful.

When posting please use the image icon in the comment box - it is the SECOND icon from the left when you mouse over it the word IMAGE will appear!

NEVER infringe on the copyright of others.  You MUST have permission and give credit.

An occasional link to a reputable site is permissible. (CAUTION, the web is loaded with dubiously named and/or incorrect photos. Check "Notes" for an on-line list of reliable botanical databases.) I have a strong preference for original photos. You were there, after all, and can vouch for the location and habitat, cultivated or natural.

I reserve the right to republish any image submitted to this site in illustration of an article anywhere else on this site or for scientific non-commercial presentations I give. Credit will be given. I like to publish samples of interesting and awesome images in our headliner box above! Only signed in members get to view them all!

Any issues other than plant discussion should be sent to Chris or me PRIVATELY.

Nobody is perfect or unapproachable here.  If you want to see threads going in a direction that interests YOU, all you have to do is start a new topic so you don't feel left out. LET"S HAVE FUN doing what we love to do.

I was Editor of the JUNGLE FORUM at . The web name I used was "Kit" and many people still call me by that name. There is a wealth of contributions and images from TS members since 2004. [Unfortunately the webmaster has deactivated the forum but check for links to Tropicsphere when you do a Google search.]


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